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There are countless hardships that can turn home ownership from a joy into a burden.  The loss of a job, medical bills, or an unexpected hike in monthly payments can all make a mortgage unaffordable.  But ignoring the bills will not make them go away, it will only make things worse.

If you need help, there are approaches that can help, but you may not be familiar with them.  One of these is a “short sale.”

In an approved short sale, the lender agrees to accept less than is owed for the property, and the homeowner is relieved of the debt.  A lender may be willing to do this because it spares a lot of hassle and expense involved in executing a foreclosure.  And typically, a short sale does far less damage to the homeowner’s credit than a foreclosure does.

For more information of how a Short Sale may be more beneficial to you please call me now at 904-209-7201

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All about foreclosures, the risks and the profits. Whether you're an investor or first-time home buyer, foreclosures can be a great deal, but not without substantial risk and work. Here's how to protect yourself as a buyer or seller.

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